January 2012 – by Heather – I embrace DIY projects with everything I’ve got. Being creative and making a mess makes me happy. Here are some of my handmade endeavours.


Digital Drawing & Painting with an iPad

December 2011 – by James – In the past few months I have been using an iPad for creative drawing and image manipulation. Originally I thought the iPad was a terrible tool for drawing and editing photos, but it turns out it was just the tools I was using, and how I was using them. Get [...]


Tour de Troit

September 2011 - We recently visited Detroit for the Folk Festival and were taken on a vibrant tour by our friend Lindsay.


Inspired Vancouver

August 2011 – Textures, colours and shapes…most of these pictures were taken at the Museum of Anthropology – University of British Columbia               


Aberfoyle’s Antique Market

August 2011 – Every time we visit an antique market we are struck by the old designs. Hand painted logos, stamped markings, odd shapes and aged printing techniques.